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So I just asked my friend who knows how to read labels (Gloria) about Herbal Essence shampoo and she said:


Why in a nutshell? Cancer and organ damaging chemicals.

The chemicals named in the top 15 are the most active ingredients

Top most damaging in this product.. I can see quickly are:

SLS x 2! Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) – read links below

Cocamide DEA/MEA – Propylene Glycol

Take a read of these articles: – good read on toxic chemicals, have not tried his products, but he is professional I follow in terms of what’s going on – you don’t have to have curly hair to follow these same principles I think.

Ive got curly hair so have leaned towards more natural organic or ‘non toxic’ products but i think the same rules or simliar approach can be applied to straight hair ladies!

So what to use? Good products to try (Ive tried all these brands at one point or another):


Aubrey Organics


John Masters Organics Aveda

Shea Moisture


Good site to educate yourself on and some good brand/product recommendations:

Ingredients for Dry hair?


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